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HD’s House Foundation Repair Process Solves Problems.

House foundation repair Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas TXAre you in need of house foundation repair in Arlington, Fort Worth or the Dallas metro area? If so, contact HD Foundations about installing sturdy foundation piers. They’re great for resolving foundation issues. At HD Foundations, we assist property owners in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington areas by performing highly effective house foundation repair service.  If your structure is damaged, call us today. We’ll be happy to stop by.

Why Have HD House Foundation Repair In Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas Areas?

The main reason to fix your slab or pier and beam home is to make it level and protect your property value. Both types of structures commonly need repair service. Since slabs are positioned directly on the ground, they do not have a crawl space underneath them like pier and beam foundations do. This means that the the repair process is not exactly the same when fixing these different types of foundations, but there are many similarities. A number of different types of foundation pilings can be installed. At HD Foundations, we commonly use piers made of steel or concrete to solve foundation repair problems that develop in houses in this area.

Slab Foundation Repair on houses in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, TX

The House Foundation Repair Process:

1– In order to fix slab and pier and beam foundations, the first thing we do is prepare the site. This entails laying plywood and tarps in the work area. The crew at HD Foundations will carefully remove your plants with the intention of replanting them once your foundation has been repaired. Next, we dig large holes around your structure as part of our foundation repair process. Whether your house is located in Arlington, Dallas or the Fort Worth area, the steps involved with fixing foundations on homes constructed using concrete slabs or piers and beams is basically the same. Either way, our process solves foundation repair problems. And here’s something important to note: Unless you’re having interior concrete foundation piers installed, our workmen will not need to gain entry into your home in order to fix the foundation.

Pier And beam Foundation Repair on houses in Arlington, Fort Worth TX 2— To lift and support a cracked concrete foundation, HD Foundations must place hydraulically driven foundation piers directly underneath it. This takes place prior to doing any actual repair work. These pilings serve as a platform upon which those portions of the foundation that are low (or uneven) will rest during the procedure. At HD, we believe in using foundation piers made of concrete or steel. Their purpose is to support the load bearing weight of the house. These pilings transfer the weight of the building from the unstable, moisture sensitive surface soils to deeper layers of earth that are less affected by rain and seasonal changes. The pilings are driven into the ground to the point of refusal in order to make them secure. In some cases, foundation piers may be installed as far as 22′ deep, although they’re generally driven down about about 8-12.’ .
Dallas foundation piers, Fort Worth TX  3— No matter which type of foundation you have, the lowest point of your house is raised (using hydraulic jacks) in order to restore your foundation to its original position. As part of completing repairs, your home is positioned on top of these piers. During this step the project foreman will monitor how your house reacts in preparation for lifting. When that task has been completed, steel spacers called shims are inserted beneath the piers to make your foundation level.
 Foundation repair process Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington TX 4— Each hole is compacted with soil in order to fill the void created when we prepared the site. Any shrubs that were removed from around your foundation are re-installed and your yard, walkways and driveway are thoroughly cleaned, raked and washed. The property around your house will be tidy when we’ve finished with the project.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Foundations Using Piers?

In Arlington as well as cities like Fort Worth and Dallas, the majority of repairs made on houses with slab or pier and beam foundations take 2-3 days to complete. The timeframe can vary depending upon how many foundation piers must be installed and what type of pilings are used. Cracked slabs require about the same amount of time to fix as pier and beam foundations do. If a lot of work must be done to a house, it can take as long as a week to finish the repair project. It’s important to note that there is more time and work involved in installing interior foundation piers than exterior ones. That’s because the installation of interior piers involves removing flooring and cracking the house’s concrete slab in order to get beneath it.

To find out more, ask HD Foundations to perform an inspection on your foundation in or around Dallas, Fort Worth or Arlington. Just schedule a free house foundation repair estimate online today. We perform evaluations in all areas of DFW and will gladly stop by.

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