Q: How Long Will It Take To Complete My Foundation Repair?

A: The amount of time required to fix your foundation depends on a number of things including what type of foundation you have, how many piers must be installed around your property, and whether your structure requires interior or exterior foundation piers. While the typical house foundation repair project in the Dallas-Fort Worth area usually takes 2-3 days, it can require up to 7 days, depending upon what needs to be done.

Pier and beam repair is done differently than slab foundation repair. If your pier and beam house has lots of rotten beams and joists underneath it, those wooden members must be removed and replaced before installing new piers. In the event you have a slab foundation and the middle of your house is sinking, you could require interior foundation piers. Interior piers take longer to install than piers around the perimeter of your house because putting them into position involves removing portions of your floor and cracking your foundation in order to place the piers beneath it. It could also involve removing furniture, carpet, tile and other things, and then putting it all back in position afterwards.

You must also keep in mind that a hole must be dug for each pier that has to be installed. That’s a time consuming task. When the job is complete, soil must be placed back around the piers to fill any void. For this reason, it takes twice as long to install 16 piers then it would to install 8. And if something is obstructing your foundation, it will need to be removed in order to repair your structure.

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